>Tegami Bachi- Review

Tegami Bachi:

Viewed on crunchyroll.

So far, I’ve been watching this with my boyfriend and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the second season, so if you haven’t seen the first, you should do that.

Plot: Lag Seeing is a postman, only in this world, a postal worker’s job is the most dangerous. Through his delivering of the letters, he is searching for his hero and friend Gauche Suede.

Basically, it’s about bad ass postmen.

Now personally, though the premise of the show is absurd, Studio Pierriot does a rather nice job of pulling it off. Despite its preaching moments, and the serious sections, it does well as a lighthearted comedy. It has both an original flair and fairly well paced episodes.

In terms of over all arcs, there really isn’t one, barring for Lag to find Gauche (which isn’t a real priority at all, more of an inevitability).

In terms of characters, they are all loveable and presented in such a way that you grow attached to most of them very quickly. However, they seem to lack true human like qualities as they rarely show flaws. It’s kind of annoying, however, overlooking that, they are easy to associate with.

This show has it’s amusing moments, so here are some snap shots and captions my boyfriend though was funny.

No caption needed for this one…. This is my current desktop.. 

Subliminal messaging?

I lol’d at pukey soup.

So gangsta, and at such a young age.

This is my second favorite snapshot… The graduation from letter to man…

All in all a fairly good watch I give it: 8/10 Very Good! 


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