>Classic Review: Macross: Do You Rember Love?

Macross: Do You Remeber Love? is a movie remake of the original 1982 anime titled Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. In America the 1984 dub was called Robotech but I read that it was terribly localized so I discovered the re-dub from 2006. I watched the re-dub from ADV films on Hulu before watching the movie, but I decided to do this review on DYRL because I liked certain aspects of the story better then in the series. Also because its a classic and everyone should see it, even if they don’t watch anime on a regular basis.

The story begins in 2009 A.D. in a futuristic universe. So we’re talking transforming robots, holograms, and an ancient song that will unite two very different but very alike races.
Humans on earth are being threatened by a horde of giant human like aliens called the Zentradi.

What was very interesting about the movie versus the anime dub I saw was the fact that the Zentradi spoke their native Language before translators were used by UN Spacy the military force aboard the mighty ship the Macross. In the anime they spoke English/Japanese all the time and when translators were used there was no difference. That felt kind of awkward to me.
Milliya is one of the few female aliens or Meltrandi shown in the movie.

Our hero Hikaru Ichijou is a pilot for UN Spacy. After a couple of mishaps Hikaru meets Lynn Minmay a singer who was preforming in Macross City. The two of them become trapped in the lowest area of the war ship and Hikaru falls in love with Minmay. Minmay only wants to be friends at first. This part of the movie versus the anime was more cheerful and the animation was astonishingly good for an 80s anime.

Drinking soda like astronauts do! And dig Minmay’s glowing dress.

After Hikaru and Minmay find their way out and back to Macross City they date for a short time. They soon grow apart due to Hikaru’s military work and Minmay becoming more popular day by day. This is when Hikaru meets Misa Hayase who is also part of UN spacey and the two fall love. Their relationship was deeper then Hikaru and Minmay’s short fling in my opinion. Because Misa and Hikaru had more alone time in DYRL and I felt like it helped their relationship grow better.


Misa was defiantly less of a Bitch in DYRL and I liked her character right off the bat, versus when she yelled at Hikaru in the series for not obeying orders. The two discover a lost planet and a song written in an ancient language which Misa then translates. She gives a piece of paper with the lyrics to Hikaru and has him see Minmay one last time to give them to her. Minmay’s song during the final battle eventually brings peace between human’s and Zentrati.

Hikaru and Misa share a tender moment. Someones getting laid tonight.

So basically the Zentrati suffer from an extream case of culture shock when they meet the humans or what they call the Protoculture. I found it funny when they would say, DECULTURE when something amazing happens or unknown to the Zentrati people. Also fleeing from battle after hearing Minmay sing. It terrifies and calms the aliens who only knew of war to the extent of surrendering and bringing peace.

This song has warmed the Zentradi’s hearts. You can tell because the colorful part on their uniforms are glowing.
Glowing is almost all the time for the best

Animation was big step up from the original being that it only came out two years after Macross started airing in Japan.

Minmay’s signature pose

I loved the fact the MariIijima the original Japanese voice actress for Lynn Minmay also was in the ADV dub. So when I watched this I could hear that there really wasn’t a difference when she spoke Japanese. Iijima did an amazing job at giving Minmay a Chinese/Japanese accent and she sang all the original Japanse songs as well. These days most voice actors and singing voices for characters are different. ADV made the right choice when picking Iijima to reprise her role as Minmay.

Minmay sings my favourite song in movie Tenshi no Enogu or An Angel Paints at her final concert in 2012

All in all I give Macross: Do You Rember Love? a 9/10 Its perfect but it leaves out an important plot point. For someone who has seen the anime first before viewing it I didn’t care that much. I have came to realize that the show was for character development and the movie was a different look at the story. The film has a valuable moral lesson and is a must see. For Animation a 9/10 for its time. And for music I give it an 8/10.


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