>Kuragehime Review

>PhotobucketAt the beginning of last semester discovered a new anime called Kurgurehime, or as it’s known in America Princess Jellyfish. At first glance at the episode screen shot on Funimation’s video portal I jumped to the conclusion that it was a childish show. So I looked at My Anime List’s page for the anime and I was very surprised. Princess Jellyfish is anything but a show for young children. We are introduced to the main character Tsukimi as the anime opens up with a flash back from her childhood. Tsukimi and her mother are visiting an aquarium and young tsukimi is dazzled at how beautiful the jellyfish are. Her mother tells her that when she grows up she will make her a wedding dress that resembles one of the very lacy like jellyfish in the tank. Tsukimi is ecstatic and becomes a Jellyfish Otaku. Sadly Tsukimi’s mother passes away shortly after their visit to the aquarium.

PhotobucketTsukimi wants to go shopping in shibuya after her dorm mates warn her not to set foot in there. I could already tell that these women are going to be an entertaining bunch. Being the Otaku that she is Tsukimi vists small pink colored jellyfish she named Clara at pet store and finds that she is now in a tank with a moon jelly. At this point Tsukimi pretty much in my eyes hyper venalities and pleads the shop owner to move the little creature into its own tank. Now Tsukimi is afraid of the good looking owner and she cowers up in fear. It’s good that she is starting to show lots of character development right in the first episode. And Tsukimi really is a girl many watchers will be able to relate to.

PhotobucketI would have to say that this next character named Kuranosauke is the character with the most development, next to Tsukimi. Hearing her voice I could tell that something is different about this stylish ‘woman’. But I’m not going to spoil the ending of the first episode.

PhotobucketThe story is very easy for people to understand and the characters are likable. Everyone will find a least one to relate to. I would describe it as a coming of age tale with friend ship and drama. Art wise, Kugurehime is very well done, expecially by the detail put into Kuranosauke’s many outfits.This is one thing that other anime lack. I find it boring when all the main characters only wear the same thing during course of the series. Clothing gives the character a different aura and personality.

What saddens is me is that there really isn’t a fandom for this anime. I have yet to see tons of fanart, cosplay, or fan clubs. Princess Jellyfish really deserves more recognition. It is a diamond in the rough, so to speak.


Finding out this anime was only going to be 11 episodes really made me think, “is this show going to be able towrap up everything it needs to in that short time?”It is certain that I would love to see a second season.


I have watched the entire series , andI’m going to give Kugurehime a 10/10 because it really was one the most unique shows I have ever seen.


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