>Non Anime Related Video Game Review- Goldeneye 007 (Wii)

>(Yes, I know that this game was released over two months ago, however I first got my hands on Goldeneye just a little while ago, so there!)

As a child of the 90’s I have very fond memories of the good old N64 days, and few games hold a more nostalgic spot in my heart than 1997’s Goldeneye 007. Based off the 1995 James Bond film of the same name, Goldeneye captured the hearts of Nintendo 64 owners. From its story filled with espionage, to it’s intense and beloved multi-player mode, this game became the yardstick by which all others were measured. So, when a new Goldeneye game was announced, it was (very predictably) followed by numerous harsh predictions and criticisms by gamers and fans of the original. Many of the complaints landed squarely on the the decision to recast James Bond. Instead of Pierce Brosnan, who portrayed agent 007 in the film and served as the original game’s Bond model, the role was given to Daniel Craig who started playing the character with 2006’s Casino Royale, a move that I initially questioned. With the new Bond came a more modern feel. Craig as 007 only carries a cell phone that contains all of the spy gadgets that were in the original game. A new focus on stealth was introduced, whereas in the old game you could just run into most situations with guns ablaze, this modern take forces a bit more secrecy to make it through the missions. Much to my surprise, Craig manages to fit into this new game pretty well. His presence actually makes the game play much more fun. The whole package has a grittier, more physical feel to it, which lends itself perfectly to the modern FPS scene. Basically, Goldeneye 007 is a modernization of the movie, more than a remake of the game.

Before I even sat down to play Goldeneye, I had concerns about the graphics as well as the game’s overall quality. After the original Goldeneye, every 007 themed game has basically been a disappointment on some level, and most people assumed this installment would be as well. I’m pleased to say that those fears were, for the most part, unfounded. The early footage of the game showed really rough graphics, however, the final version has addressed those issues and offers some of the best visuals the Wii has to offer. It’s nothing mind blowing to those who are used to the PS3 or Xbox 360, but we are all pretty used to that by now when playing games on the Wii. The controls are very intuitive to any one who has played an FPS. Between the ability to choose from Wii remote and nunchuck control, the classic controller or the GameCube controller, and the multiple button layouts for each, you can create a controller configuration that is comfortable for you. This game is actually much better than the original because of the technological improvements.

As it stands, the new Goldeneye just can’t live up to it’s predecessor’s legacy. While the N64 game introduced concepts that revolutionized games forever, this new offering is just trying to keep up with the times. Goldeneye simply can’t stack up against the shooters on other consoles. Sure, the split screen multi player is just as fun as it used to be, but it seems strangely limited and lacking in features. The online modes are also fun, but most of the options are restricted to friend code connected players. You don’t even get to choose your character, you just end up as generic soldiers. The Bond universe has an excellent cast of characters, so, why can’t we play as them? Plus, the single player story is pretty easy and short, completable in only a few hours.

All in All, Goldeneye is a solid game, and is definitely the best FPS for the Wii. While it is actually a better game than the original based off of objective comparison, it simply will not hold as high a place in history.

Goldeneye 007 gets an 8 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “>Non Anime Related Video Game Review- Goldeneye 007 (Wii)

  1. >Goldeneye 007 for the N64 hasn't aged as well as I would like. Overall I still believe Perfect Dark took the formula laid out by Goldeneye and perfected it.This game was alright, I liked it a little less than you did, but hey, at least it isn't Rogue Agent.

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