>Tegami Bachi OST


Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) OST

For a short time, there will be a link provided at the end of this article to download the ost.

By: Ryo Kunihiko

Tracklist:Canon of AMBER GROUND 1:29
Tsuioku no Aria ~ Recollections 2:48
Niche & Steak 3:41
Connor Culh 1:18
Pico-Pico 1:05
White Desert of Jose 2:15
Lag & Niche 2:58
Seirei Kohaku 2:52
Prayer Hill 1:21
Tears of Sylvette 3:27
Tsuioku no Aria ~ Recollections (Harpsicord version) 2:46
Lightning 2:16
Heavy-Metal Enemy (Shuugeki Gaichuu) 2:24
Town of Kyrie ~ Dead End 2:08
MA-KA 1:16
Boushitsu ~ Goos & Noir 2:35
Attack 1:10
Shoot Down! 2:01
Nocturne ~ a Destiny 1:55
Canon of AMBER GROUND Full version 3:47
LETTER BEE ~ Strings Harpsicord version 2:52

This ost is a golden collection of music. It has a very medieval incantus feel which matches the show incredibly well. A good example for it would have to be the the Canon of AMBER GROUND. Being the theme of the show, it was immediately recognizable and easy to listen to. Since it’s basically a chant, it is very unique in the sense that it stays a chant without much for backup instruments.

My personal favorite song, Town of Kyrie~ Dead End actually fleshes out to have a more middle eastern feel to it. From the stronger woodwinds, you get the feel of a journey-esque song. Played primarily in flash back scenes, it has a haunting feel to it which I love and it is the one song which I revisit over and over again.

The other songs on this ost are a mixtures of 4s and 5s (on a 5 star scale)

Overall, this ost easily tells the story of tegami bach, without needing characters and animation. It easily transports you to amberground and is easy to have in the background while you work. The final score would be a 4 out of 5 because, though with freshness it has a few star songs on it, it still has it’s generic anime overtones and does little to break the mold. After about a month, I can see that it will probably fall to the wayside, with an occasional revisit and a rediscovery of it in my iTunes ™ library.


Get it here: Disabled. Please comment if you want the link back.


One thought on “>Tegami Bachi OST

  1. >All I can say by looking at bottom picture is, semxy people with white hair… I'm going to watch this for sure. Looks super colorful too. Going to have to listen to the ost a bit before viewing.

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