>Gosick Episode 1 Reveiw



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Episode 1 (NO SPOILERS)

Well, this was my first show of the new season, and I am happy to say that. From the get go, this show was what I was looking forward to the most based on my research prior to the season’s releases. It definitely gave me serious Kuroshitsuji vibes. Sadly to say, these were more or less unfounded. Despite that, I still think this show might have some hope of not ending up on my ever growing “anime on hold list”.

The beginning of the show was incredibly dark and morbid which, again, raised my hopes for a kuroshitsuji-esque show. Something about the shock value entertains me I guess. There was definitely plenty of blood present, albeit not human.

The opening has potential to grow on me, so I look forward to listening to it more often when I can download it. The actual art for the opening is very pretty. I’m quite fond of the color palette that they chose to go with. It’s a very peaceful, yet playful enough pastel based palette and I must say it matches the swatch like animation and easygoing song very well.

The actual animation for the show is very smooth, however, I feel the character designs are a tad weak. They give off a generic feel, particularly the main character. His design is such that it does not stand out with the other two characters who at this point seem to be the principles. Now in terms of the other characters, my favorite so far is Victorique because she has a very petite frail goth loli look, which I adore. I’ve always secretly wanted to try being a goth lolita, however the cost and stares don’t make it worth the effort for me personally. I very much admire people who do however.

Back to the point, I think her design gives the show a very nice spice and flavor. The other main(ish) character present is this giant unicorn of a man, who (apparently) is some sort of detective… I’m calling shenanigans on this one, guys. Well… He for sure has the most unique character design… However I fear that this might be the extent of his uniqueness.

See? Unicorn. Told you.

The show takes a turn to be detective-like show and starts going places where I didn’t expect it to go.

Particularly a boat.

All in all though, this show has a very promising start, and I’ll definitely be catching it’s second episode next week. As far as an initial rating goes, I think I’ll give it an 8/10. Although I found it entertaining, in experience shows like this tend to go downhill. Fast. But this particular episode ended on a cliff hanger, so I think it’ll be worth checking out for the plot momentum.

That’s right folks… It’s one of those “I’m bored, entertainment me peasant” shows.
It’s true. He does indeed have a really great hair do.
Awkward scene were she makes him dance… WHY?!
That’s right. She’s a mastermind, so this little girl needs her pipe to prove it.
Molestation is imminent… by his hair.

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