>Kuragehime Opening – Chatmonchy

>Well, first let me say that if it weren’t for fatalefromage, I would never have tried this wonderful wonderful show out. (Btw, I’ve rated this a 10 out of 10…) Since it’s already been reviewed, I thought I would take a stab at reviewing the opening for this show.

This OP is probably one of my favorite anime openings ever. From the music to the animation, I can think of nothing more fitting for this feel good light hearted show. The opening theme, by the well known group Chatmonchy, is a very bright and moving treat of music. It starts with Eriko Hashimoto singing and playing guitar with a very lighthearted lyrics while on screen the main characters are introduced. As the song leaves the exposition, the characters appropriately move with the beat towards the viewer. Overall this is a very playful, colorful moment that I classify as my favorite moment of the opening.

The next scene, as Akiko Fukuoka and Kumiko Takahashi come in stronger on bass and drums respectively, comes as a pleasant surprise. I must say I was not expecting the Star Wars parody, but it was very fun to watch.

The next parody is Singing in the Rain, which happens to be one of my favorite movies, and is definitely in my top 3 favorite musicals. The fact that one of my new favorite anime is parodying it was what essentially got me excited for the real show to show me what it could do…

Next, comes a little Disney magic, with a Mary Poppins parody.

Then a scene on the train parodies an old American early1970s movie, Emporer of the North Pole.  It’s actually more popular in Japan than it is here, surprisingly enough. More info on it here.

The next scene is a parody from an old 80’s movie from China entitled God of Gamblers.

James Bond comes next, parodying the classic gun barrel sequence.

Then next allusion is actually an uncommonly known double allusion. Mayaya shows up wearing the yellow jump suit which is mostly known from it’s appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s classic cult hit Kill Bill. However, that is actually a reference to a Bruce Lee film called Game of Death.

The parodies then go to the wedding scene from The Graduate.

At the end of all this, the main character Tsugumi walks into the light, holding hands with many jellyfish who are all shaped like her favorite one named Clara, an obvious parody of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Waking up, as if from a dream, the song repeats its opening sequence, creating a refreshing repeat to close the song. As Tsugumi looks out her open window we see the residence house with all the characters and in a playful pink text Kuregahime. The end of the opening is so catchy and perfect that I believe it makes a great segue into the show itself.

The overall animation of the opening is the same as the show with no artistic differences. Though usually I frown on it, taking the parodies and presenting the characters in said parodies, it actually makes sense since it shows the characters in a different light like it should.

The music, like I said is a perfect match. Chatmonchy is a easy going light rock type sound that perfectly matches the half comedy half romance that is Jellyfish Princess.

Luckily, this show got an early license and US fans will soon be able to purchase the show from Funimation. But, if you are unwilling to wait, or are too poor too buy it, it’s available to stream at Funimation’s website and on Youtube and Hulu. Check it out if you want a fantastic quick show that’ll knock you off your feet.

To Download the track for the opening go here


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