It’s A Pinch!

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

I’m a big fan of mecha anime, but good ones are rare to find. The last amazing one was Gurren Lagan That is until I picked up Star Driver. A mecha based anime set on a remote island in the Japanese tropics. Machines called Cybodies sleep under the island and only awaken during Zero Time to battle against Glittering Star to protect the priestesses of the island. If the four priestesses seals are broken, Cybodies can enter reality and wreak destruction on the world. It’s up to the galactic pretty boy Takuto (yes that is what he calls himself) to stop Glittering Star and save the world.


Honestly, I wasn’t a fan on the first opening. Gravity O by Aqua Timez. I will admit the animation was impressive but I can only handle watching someone run for like 10secs before I’m bored. I also found Takuto kinda looked like L from Death Note with that animation.

The first ending was Cross Over by 9nine, this I loved. They also do an awesome second opening for the series called Shining Star. A little more fast paced and we get to see more characters instead of just Takuto running from some unknown enemy. The second ending is Pride by Scandel, probably the single best song in this series. It is accompanied by flashy images of the characters which changed depending on events that have happened in the story. A very cool feature in my opinion.


The main thing I loved about this anime was the characters. It’s rare I find an anime were I love everyone, minus Wako, (she was just a pain and was just in the way of Sugata and Takuto). Trios never work in anime, they need to stop. Come on Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke that failed. Daisuke, Riku and Risa totally over crowded. Kaname, Yuki and Zero, need I say more?

I do have a few favorites: Takuto, Takashi, Kanako and Renji. The anime successfully delivered character development on everyone introduced and distributed screen time equally. I didn’t come away wish I could have seen more of ‘so and so’ or why did ‘so and so’ get all the attention.

While the scantily clad female members of Glittering Star were dressed in fetish wear for the boys. Takuto had his transformation for the ladies, and both Takuto and Sugata can be seen shirtless many times. My personal favorite bit of fanservice was Wako’s yaoi vision. Twice our heroine pictured Takuto and Sugata together in a romantic setting.


I was pretty much lost for the first half of the anime. I had no idea what was going on when Takuto jumped into Tauburn in the first episode and it wasn’t address until around episode 5. However, once the ball started rolling everything made sense. Until this point it was just random silliness, which I enjoyed. The plot wasn’t always clear, but I felt the last episode did wrap it up decently.

My Opinion:

Though this anime was filled with lots of random crack and really had no understandable plot it was a fun ride. Every episode was some excuse to climb into their Cybodies and battle, despite Glittering Star producing no one who could stand up against Takuto. I enjoyed that the fanservice was equal for both parties a quality that is rare in current anime season. Does anyone else feel like the scales are tipped in a certain direction? Takuto had a legitimate male transformation scene, which was entertaining. He threw glitter around, what is not to love? I hope a second season is made, as the ending was left completely wide open. However, it did have the best climax to any anime I have seen in awhile. The ending composed of a voice over by Wako followed by pretty instrumentals and Takuto doing a lot of craziness with Tauburn to defeat the main evil. It rocked!

Final Scores:
Animation: 10/10
Characters: 8/10
Story: 9/10
Music: 6/10
Manga: Yes
Would I recommend this: 85% you bet!



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