Revolutionary Girl Utena Adolescence Apocalypse OST Review

Revolutionary Girll Utena Adolescene Apocalypse is the movie for the 90’s anime. I will be reviewing the OST rather than the movie because I felt that it was the best aspect of the film.

Track List:

1.  Rose is Rain ~Rose Egg Rebirth Record- 1:43

2. Scarlet group’s dance ~ Reunion-2:52

3. Rose Signet ~Sky Garden’s Bride-3:37

4. Duelist~Resurrection! Never-ending History of The “Middle Ages”-4:45

5. Illusion ~Malice’s Pupa-4:45

6. Belladona’s Snare-2:14

7. At Times, Love is-4:17

8. Akio’s Waltz ~Video Recollection-1:58

9. Naked Rose~Carnage-~Constellations Alpha Psi Zeta Galaxy-5:10

10. Abraxas ~ The Sunlit Garden-4:56

11. Absolute Destiny Apocalypse~Adolescence of Utena-3:31

12. Decisive Battle ~ Bezelbub’s Royal Castle-7:38

13. Round Dance~Revolution~Adolecence Rush-7:55

14. I Want To Be Your Fiancee (Symphonic Instrumental)-4:19

The pieces on this soundtrack range from gentle to powerful and provide excellent background music. On its own, the music stands out perfectly and is fun to listen to. Scarlet Group’s Dance is one of the more cheerful numbers in the movie as its symphony of castanets sets the mood during the second half. My favorite track on the CD would have to be Belladona’s Snare. Every time I listen to it I invision shooting stars flying across the sky. Each note is gently played to give a mythical feeling. This feeling also is present in Abraxas- The Sunlit Garden. Fans of the anime will remember the piano theme The Sunlit Garden as it plays towards the end of this piece. You really get the feeling that you’re standing in a garden with the bright sun shining brightly. One of the two dual themes on the CD, Duelist~Resurection! Never-Ending History of the “Middle Ages”, nicely provides a determined feel as the main protagonist Utena faces Saionji for the possession of the rose bride Athny and the powerful sword of Dios locked inside of her.

While I liked the anime better then the movie I enjoy listening to the movie’s soundtrack more then the anime. More effort was defiantly put into each piece to make them each sound unique.

I give the music of Revoultionary Girl Utena Adolescence Apocalypse a 4/5 making it one of my favourite anime movie soundtracks.



4 thoughts on “Revolutionary Girl Utena Adolescence Apocalypse OST Review

  1. For any of you who is interested in watching Revolutionary Girl Utena please, please, please do not watch the movie first. It ruins the value of the anime and many people are turned off because it is provocative, edgy, and scary. The main point of Utena’s past is also lost in the movie.

    Now the anime is wonderful. Its cheerful, the characters are likable, and the plot is great. And at the same time it keeps it’s dark feeling. The animation might not settle well with people but please over look this, and besides it gets better throughout the anime. Its from 1997, so I think you can cut this some slack.

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