Cat God

That’s right folks, time for another review of a new show by yours truly.

This time, I’m expanding into the comedy side of the season with Nekogami Yaoyorozu,  or Cat God, by AIC Plus+. As this is my first time watching anything by this studio (they have a very limited catalog), I wasn’t expecting much.

Based on the cute-sy, almost constant chibi1 art, I was guessing this was going to be more like a 4 coma2 style story, with short plots and very japanese gags. Honestly, had that been done it would have been easier to review.

What I did end up watching wasn’t some gag anime with tons of very Japanese jokes, or even something that was just goofy. I ended up viewing a bland show with no substance to either hate or like. The jokes this show presented weren’t even well done, and they were few and far between. I have a couple things that truley bothered me though…

The main character, Mayu, is a cat god banished from the heavens and now residing in a city were gods intermingle with humans. She has very little personality in my opinion, because all she really did was go along for the ride or play video games. There was nothing for me to connect to. The only real thing that bothered me about her, was this:

That hair is just a blob like helmet glued to her like a bad helmet. I’m used to unrealistic anime hair, but for some reason, this one really bothered me. It felt very out of place and like it was attempting to make me think she was cute, when it was just a badly shaped yellow blob.

The other part of this show that bothered me was the very useless character interactions. They seemed so forced, and badly played that it was almost off putting and made the pacing of the show seem fairly slow. Not to mention the over done this girl likes this girl who doesn’t particularly care for the other one stunt. Very over done and since the art is meant to be cute and not pervy, it felt out of place. Honestly, it was like they thought a little fan service would improve the worth of their show and threw that in there just for the heck of it.

What I did like about the show was the (admittedly forced) video game connections they had. It was kinda funny to see Mayu playing with a obvious sega counsel and do Mario- like platforming games. I also liked the bits of pixel style art they put in here and there. But then again, I’m a sucker for the classics.

Despite that, the show really didn’t have enough substance to dislike, and the art is really cute, so it might end up being a show to have on in the background or something.

I’d probably rate this as a 6 out of 10 and recommend you watch this with as little expectations as possible.


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