GoSick: Complete Season Review

As you may recall, I wrote a review of the first episode of this show 2  seasons ago, say that I would probably follow this show. I actually managed to finish this one with no problems, which is a rare occurrence, let me tell you. Towards the end of shows, I usually drag my feet…

But anywho, I definitely got really into the show, because the plot had many unanswered questions and as it progressed, it got darker and darker. From learning about the bad past of our characters, to the devotion they showed to each other, I couldn’t help but fall in love over and over again.

That being said, there were a few minor pitfalls I saw to GoSick that I feel are necessary to point out. Apparently This show takes place over a span of quite a few years, yet the characters never seem to really age. This bothered me a tad, because the art for the show was so spot on for the majority of it. The other part was I felt there were a few things that were left unexplained and they built it up for so long, and just kind of let that tension putter out. One such example was their build up behind the father character, but nothing really is explained about him, or what really happened in Vitorique’s past.

Another thing that was really confusing at first, but was overall well done was the dual plots between the Queen’s past, and the present. Honestly, I wish they had started this sooner, because it warranted more detail, in my opinion.

The opening song was really sweet and catchy and I love both the endings. All of the music present in this show is a nice addition to my library. It has just the right amount of gothic influence. If I was to find a comparable show musically (and almost visually) I would liken it to Black Butler.


Ending 1

Ending 2
Honestly, the action and the suspense is well built up in this show. It definitely has a flare to it that makes it memorable and moving. As for the ending, it is very satisfactory, and leaves no reason for a sequel. Which in this day and age of anime is really refreshing.

Overall I’d rate the show an 8 and would even go so far as to invest in it if it ever came state side.


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