Kamisama Dolls


Kamisama Dolls is a new show this season produced by Brains Base, who was also responsible for anime such as Durarara!! and Princess Jellyfish. This looked like one of the more promising series of the season, so I decided to give it a try.

The main character of this story, Kyouhei Kuga, is a college student who grew up in small village where he was once a Noble Shrine Doll User, or “Seki”.  He moved to Tokyo to start a new life after a series of tragic events that took place in his childhood. The first minute or so of episode one is a flashback from Kyouhei’s childhood, and let’s just say it involves a lot of explosions and a laser firing monster. I was pretty confused by this point of the episode.


Regarding the opening, it was very colorful to say the least, and it showcases many of the characters introduced in the first episode.  The broken glass look is a nice touch and is slightly mesmerizing. Chiaki Ishikawa sings the opening song. I remembered her from the group See-Saw, when she sang the themes for many of the shows based off the .hack video games. (E/N: Also ending songs for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and GSD.) It was great to hear her again. While this is not Ishikawa’s best work, I still enjoyed this theme song.



Kyouhei’s friends are ordinary and boring.  It doesn’t seem as though they will be main characters. At least they were entertaining for the short time they were shown.  And we also have the girl with huge boobs, Shiba, who is Kyouhei’s love interest.


There was a good amount of action during the middle of the episode and it kept the plot moving. Also it helped introduce the Kakashi, which look and act like robots. It was neat that they sang as they moved. But I’ll admit that the singing got annoying after a while.


Kamisama Dolls is well animated but the character designs are kind of plain and outdated. Kyouhei is a boring protagonist so far and it’s kind of annoying that he blushes so much. There isn’t much I like about any of the other characters except maybe the violent fugitive Aki, or Kyouhei’s clumsy little sister Utao, who show some promise of being interesting characters. The scenery is very bland so don’t expect much from it. Still, I liked Utao’s Kakashi design.


After watching the first episode I would have to give this anime a 7/10 because it didn’t have the most exciting beginning for an anime that I’ve ever seen, but the mysteries surrounding the characters has me interested so I’m going to continue watching it.


6 thoughts on “Kamisama Dolls

  1. It is much to early to judge the show in my opinion. Though for me it keeps teetering on the edge of me dropping it. It feels as though very little of importance occurs each episode and most of what does occur is pretty cliche. Had ep. 3 not started with someone’s arm getting chopped off, I probably would have dropped it, that arm earned the series one more chance in my book.

    On a side note: I really like the introduction.

    Post script thought: The introduction is actually very similar to the plot. The images being displayed in two different ways, one a very simplified version and the other the full detailed version reminds of the plot. Simple, nothing very interesting and then it cuts to Kyouhei flash back which contain hints of tragedy or to the antagonist (I forget his name) actually kicking ass rather than simply antagonizing with words (because it’s nice to see that the antagonist has the bite to match his bark.). While the introduction has a fair balance between the simple and complex images, the plot contains far more of the simple, heres hoping that this show becomes fairly balanced at the least.

  2. I do agree that episode 3 really got the show moving. And if I enjoy the rest of it I might review it again when its over. 7/10 is only a temporary score so if I find more I like about it then I may give it a higher score.

    • There haven’t been many 3DS games that I’d like to review at this point in time, but I’d love to do a review for Kingdom Hearts 3D when it comes out this summer.

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