Shinhwa: A brief History

In preparation for a later article on Shinhwa’s newest album The Return, I have decided that it is appropriate to first start explaining who Shinhwa is and why they are significant. As this is the first time I’m putting Kpop on the site, I feel that it is appropriate to start first with Shinhwa as they are to date, the longest running boy Kpop band with all it’s original members.

The members consist of 6 Hotties:

Eric (the leader and main rapper) Age: 33
Lee Minwoo (Lead vocalist, main dancer) Age: 32
Kim Dongwan (Lead vocalist) Age: 32
Shin Hyesung (Main vocalist) Age 32
Jun Jin (Lead rapper, Vocalist, lead dancer) Age: 31
Andy (Lead rapper) Age 31

As you can see, they’re super old as far as boy bands go. In fact, they are actually…. A MAN BAND!

It all began in March 1998 with their debut single The Solver. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough to boost them to the top of the charts. They finally caught their chart breaks later in 1999 with their follow up, T.O.P.

The following year saw the release of their first album, Only One.

This started an intense release schedule of single after single releases.

They also managed during this time period to break out of Korean charts with their 5th album Perfect Man, reaching 10th on Singapore’s lists.

Soon after their 6th successful album was released in 2002, their contract with the notable Korean entertainment company, S.M. Entertainment came to a close. They took the opportunity to switch companies to Good Entertainment.

The band took a 2 year hiatus to pursue personal projects. When they reconvened, they were back at top form in no time and had a large tour of asia followed by a hosting of a reality show and then a Japanese album.

In 2008, the band members started serving their mandatory military duty.

Which brings us to up to the present with their new album, The Return.

Stay tuned to hear about the new MV released a few weeks ago and their new album!

Check Here for a list and links of their MVs


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