Shinhwa’s Venus and The Return

I have been into Kpop for many years, so when I first saw the teasers for Venus, I was a little dubious at first weather or not such an old band would be able to keep up with the newer acts. Shinhwa has been around since the real advent of Kpop, and I feel they are extremely adaptable. This is probably why they are the longest lasting boy band with all the original members.

Firstly, since I’m a costumer, I tend to look at the costumes the bands wear very closely. I really liked the black and white concept of Venus. They really make the members look young and chic, which was probably the look they were going for. They are also in keeping with their more mature feel, with no frivolous extras. Just sexy suits.  This can also be a bad thing though, because each member is cohesive, they don’t stand out and  lack individuality.

The dance for this is simple and catchy. Sadly, it isn’t as flashy as I’m used to either. Although, I wouldn’t want Shinhwa to accidentally damage themselves with fancy maneuvers. The back up dancers don’t really do much either, mostly the usual struts and groping back up dancers tend to do. Honestly, the dance isn’t very catchy or flashy, but it suits the song. Unfortunately, it won’t be remembered.

The song itself is fine. I personally feel it’s the best on the cd… The rest of the tracks are mediocre. They aren’t bad to listen to, but I feel they are all lacking in enthusiasm. None of them are hugely catchy. The only one worth note is Venus. I got the album the day before it came out, and I was sorely disappointed.

The Concept of the music video is kinda weird too… It consists of a girl in a bath tub, and the Shinhwa members fighting different obstacles to rescue her? The special effects in this music video are some of the worst I’ve seen. It was a bit disappointing for such a big name band. I felt like there wasn’t much effort at all. Like at one point there is falling milk or something, and it just looks like someone jerked off onto the Shinhwa members…

All in all, the music video was mediocre, the cd was subpar, and honestly it left me feeling sad and disappointed. Hopefully their next release will have more substance.

Venus MV: 6/10
The Return: 5/10
Shinhwa’s comeback: Utterly disappointing.

You can get Shinhwa’s The Return here for a limited time only.


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