Polar Bear Cafe

Preview of the cutest show ever? I think so.

The new anime season has officially kicked off! So what have we here? A show staring pandas? SIGN ME UP. For those of you who don’t know, I have a vast collection of stuff pandas and they have been my favorite animals since I won a stuffed panda in a claw machine at age 7. Anywho… let’s take a look at the most adorable show I’ve ever seen.

The best part of this show (apart from the PANDA!) is that it is fully adorable without the need to resort to moe archetypes and can achieve its own unique flavor. I really loved this art style. The animals steal the show with how realistically they are drawn, yet contain brilliant flashes of personification. Not only that, but there are parts that are brilliantly artistic. This show gets a 10/10 for visuals thats for sure. It also has wonderful little details here and there, such as panda’s panda purse (say that 5 times fast) which I want to own so bad. 

The opening and ending weren’t anything special, just your average op and ed theme music. The ending is the better of the 2 however, because the animation was really cool. They used othello pieces to animate in stop motion. I am a sucker for most stop motion, but add a panda into the mix, and I die of sheer joy.

Basically this episode consisted of the cutest panda antics known to animation.

Another thing I really liked about the show was its sense of humor. They had very easy to understand mansai (a type of japanese humor) puns and banter that I just loved. The feel goodness of this show is a light hearted distraction from the tensions of my day.

Plotwise there isn’t much there, but honestly its just what I’d expect from a childrens show.

Overall I’d give it a 9/10, with high expectations for the future.


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