Saki: Episode of Side A – Episode 1

Firstly, let me say that I not only am unfamiliar with mahjong as it is played in Asia, but also, I never bothered to watch the original series of this show past episode one. With that in mind, I was approaching this show as 1) a learning experience and 2) an entity unto itself.

This show (as stated earlier) is about mahjong and the some girls who play it. It starts out in their late elementary school years and as the show progresses, we eventually get to “present day” beginning of high school. The characters are so stereotypical that I can’t even bother to remember any of them. We have the shy big boobed trope, the loud sporty trope, the quite side kick trope. Yes, indeed this show is one big trope. The creators don’t even make an effort to break the mold of their characters. Every character has a predictable back story. I can’t even be bothered to care.

a bland attempt at humor.

Basically what this show boils down to it is this: I don’t care. I don’t even particularly hate this show it was that bland. I’m not even sure it actually is about mahjong as I was first led to believe…

The art is bland as well. Half way through they quit animating all together. Instead we get these really horrible pan shots of still frames for a good 3 or 4 mins while the characters voice what might be happening during the shot. I just… ugh… I don’t even… WHY BOTHER ANIMATING IT AT ALL!?

Honestly don’t bother watching this show. It was a huge waste of time. It’s not even worth hating. Over all I give the show a 2/10.

Perhaps it’s one saving grace was this talent scout:


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