Nisemonogatari: Season Review

Nisemonogatari is the sequel to Bakemonogatari, both created by Shaft. You can read my review of Bakemonogatari here.

Anyway, Nisemonogatari continues where Bakemonogatari left off. We are introduced to some new characters and learn more about some of them. This time around there is the presence of a villan who is the source of two of the girl’s curses from the first season. A man named Deishu Kaiki is going around swindling people, mainly kids and then cursing them. Like Bakemonogatari the curses involve animals in some way or another. The story focuses on the Araragi sisters, Tsukihi and Karen and the supernatural problems they face, as their brother Koyomi helps solve them.


While the series does a great job of story telling, it doesn’t focus on character development like Bakemonogatari did.  Most of the character development was centered around Karen during her part of the story, but Tsukihi barely got to face anything from her point of view. Considering that this chapter of the monogatari series centers around both sisters, they should have equal screen time and development. Characters from the first season did return but at most they would show up in one or two episodes. I guess that was the director’s way of saying, their stories have been told and they will now become secondary characters. What really bothered me was the fact that half of the female cast had cut their hair. I mean if the character designs weren’t broken don’t fix them, right?


Well if you consider your own sisters in a harem then yes.

One problem I thought Bakemonogatari had was the amount of time that the characters would spend talking to each other without doing anything dramatic. That became more of an issue in certain episodes of Nisemonogatari but it wasn’t as painful to watch as scenes repeating over and over again. Thankfully there was none of that nonsense in this season.


On a more positive note, the animation is solid and consistent just like the previous season (if not the same, better). The openings are perfect and colorful as always. The first one is very similar sounding to the the first opening of Bakemonogatari but that can be forgiven since they both have the same theme. As always the animations for the openings is one of the series strong points.


There are a lot more jokes this time around, some that even tap into the mature side of anime. Only Nisemonogatari can make something so simple as brushing teeth seem so sexual that its not even funny (and by that, I mean hilarious). You will also find that Koyomi’s ahoge provides endless silly moments throughout the show.


Now thats talent… 

Nisemonogatari doesn’t hold up to Bakemonogatari but its still a has most of the elements that makes this series original. Lets hope the next installment Kizumonogatari re-kindles everything that made the first season great. I give Nisemonogatari an 8/10.


10 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari: Season Review

  1. It is a nice review.
    However, have you guys ever seen “heroman”?
    Nowaday, I am currently watching this anime.

    By the way, on 11-15 May, I have a trip to Japan – Fukuoka.

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