Inu X Boku SS Complete Season review

Inu Boku Secret Service was almost a direct miss for me. With the more moe style art and the premise of the show, I almost didn’t watch it. Boy would I have missed out.

The premise of the show is Ririchiyo is a rich girl that has been sheltered for most of her life. She moves into a complex where every resident is awarded a secret service agent. The catch is both the residents and the secret service agents all have mysterious powers to turn into traditional Japanese monsters. With an array of strange characters, Ririchiyo tries to learn to get along with people for the first time. Helping her along is her SS agent, Mitsukami. With an inexplicable infatuation for her, he seems to be the most mysterious one around.

At first I can’t say I really liked the art as I found the character designs fairly generic, but as the show went on, I feel I really began to appreciate the consistency. The animation from episode one looked just as fluid as episode twelve. In fact I might even argue that it improved. I really loved the animation for the op and the different endings.

The opening was very catchy. Nirvana by MUCC was a perfect match. And like most MUCC songs, very catchy and easy to remember. Overall I’d give it a 9/10. The endings are individualized depending on who the character is that the episode focuses on. There really is only one horrendous one of the bunch. One of the characters is this S&M obsessed freak, and honestly, he isn’t necessary in the show at all. His ed is the worst thing ever put together to end a show.

Overall though, the characters each bring something unique to the story. I wish they had more time to explore the characters and give them all more depth, but I suppose it would be hard with such a huge cast of characters and only 12 episodes to tell the story.  I don’t feel like it would have been impossible, but would have required better scripting and pacing.

With all that being said, the ending of this show was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It actually had a conclusion. Even more to the point is how the ending was actually satisfactory. Which, as we all know is super rare in anime. Very rarely is there a show that I actually feel good about the conclusion at the end of the show. This show drew things to a well explained close, yet left enough room for a sequel or spin off if necessary.

Overall I’d give this show an 8/10. Honestly I could see it rated higher if it only had a longer run.


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