Asian Summer Fashion: a tasty summer treat

Here’s an article for the ladies!

Summers here and the heat is on, not just the temperature, but in finding that perfect outfit. Just because your stuck here in america, you don’t have to limit yourself to american fashion. (Or any country of origin for that matter…) I personally love the sense and style of modern day Korea, Japan, and China. So much so that when I have an opportunity to make an out fit from their finest fashions, I go for it.

So with out further ado, I’d like to jump into the first time look Animepantry© has ever had a look into the fashion world. If the few fashion articles I run turn out popular, it may have to stay in our permanent lineup. 🙂

Starting off is the basic dress for the summer, from SOHO Central.

The red color is a basic must have not only to make you stand out, but to also help make your accessories pop. The darting (which are the seams used to give the dress form) are well fitting without  giving the appearance of a too snug fit. Priced at $19.80 it’s a good basic that would go well with just about everything.

Next comes the most important part of any woman’s outfit: the shoes

To give it that glam new age 20’s look, these two toned bow accented heels are perfect. Currently on sale for $28 us dollars, they are a steal and a great addition to any closet.

As a woman, sometimes I just don’t have enough room for everything that I need to carry…. so large bags are my saving grace. This adorable quilted tote from smoothie is big and stylish at the same time. It brings the whole outfit together, and allows you to carry everything but the kitchen sink. At $22.50, I’d say you get all the storage space bang for your buck you could ever want.

So that wraps up the first Asian fashion article. I hope you all enjoy it. Hopefully soon I’ll be bringing some new insights to the table.

Check back soon (starting in July) for live updates from Japan about Japanese culture and life experiences from me, Cheese. 🙂


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