Mother 3 Soundtrack Review

Back in 2006 a little turn based roll playing game titled Mother 3 made its way to the Gameboy Advanced in Japan. Many of you may remember its prequel Earthbound(known as Mother 2 in Japan) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Unfortunately it received poor sales and notice in America when it was released in 1995. It wasn’t until its main character Ness appeared in Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64 in 1999, that the game got some much desired attention. Sadly its sequel Mother 3 never made it outside of Japan for unknown reasons. A fan translation of Mother 3 was produced by who also compiled all 250 sound files from the game into a set for all to enjoy. While I’m in the process of playing Earthbound due to the fact that I never owned a NES or SNES as a child and I haven’t played Mother 3 yet. I did however manage to find all of the fantastic music files converted into mp3 format! You can listen to the tracks below as I review some of my favorites.

Originally from: Let me first address how strange the song titles are. You can almost grasp a sense of what the plot of Mother 3 truly is. From notable titles such as Refreshing Toilets and  Rain, Followed by a Harem you’ll be wondering what in the world was going on in composer Shogo Sakai’s mind durring the initial birth of this soundtrack. Both are quite catchy tunes. The later has a psychedelic yet jazzy feel to it. According to Earthbound wiki, track #3 entitled Voice 1101 is actually the voice of director Shigesato Itoi in which he secretly recorded. The clip consists of “Okay desu ka” which plays during the character naming scene in the beginning of Mother 2 and Mother 3. Kind of a unique touch for a game without voice acting. Family Matters 2nd Movement actually references Beethoven, and may I say he is a great composer to draw off of for a boss battle theme. It was also interesting that the game is split up into chapters and each of them have their own little jingles that sometimes are expanded into the next song heard in the game.

The Mother series are quite interesting and reference many different notions in popculture mainly for the reason for them being set in an American looking setting and because of that it feels kind of at home for me. I also felt a nice connection to Pokemon since in Earthbound you are also a 10 year old boy going off on a journey and saving the word in some way. Its quite a shame that it didn’t get the attention it should have in America until 4 years after its initial release. I’m thankful that the internet has given it so much attention and has a huge fanbase.


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