.hack//Liminality Commentary

A group of friends of mine got together and recorded our own commentary on the OVA .hack//Liminality since the 5 of us are all huge fans of the dot hack series. We watched each episode simultaneously and provided our own thoughts and comedy on it while giving some history of the series.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


Melissa: https://twitter.com/Fataleflare

Spencer: https://twitter.com/#!/torchwood4sp

Zero: https://twitter.com/#!/n1fffan

Varnis: https://twitter.com/#!/Varnis290 

Dollow: https://twitter.com/DollowR


3 thoughts on “.hack//Liminality Commentary

    • Thank you very much! We shall have episodes 3 + 4 out very soon! The five of us are planing to commentate on .hack//Quantum next but we have not decided to do any other anime outside the dot hack realm at this point.

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