Otakon Report

Otakon has been over for quite a while now but I finally got around to writing a nice little report about my first experience at this east coast con!

Otakon took place from July 27-29th at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore Maryland. It was my first time going to a con that I had to travel out of my time zone for. I left on the 26th and met up with my friends in Baltimore who all came from DC, Canada, and California. As we were on our way to pick up our badges it started raining like crazy, but that didn’t stop us from starting Otakon off on an awesome note. Each day of the con was filled with walking around and taking pictures of various cosplay, hanging around the artist alley, and dealers room and checking out a few panels. Stopped by some of the artists I planed on buying from and came out with quite a good hall of goodies. I acquired a Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010 art-book from the UDON Entertainment booth that I had been eyeing online for quite some time.

One of notable panels I attended was the abridged pannel that I almost didn’t get into since the room was packed to the brim with fans. They showed a new episode of the Naruto Abridged Parody and a sneak peek of Rosario + Vampire Abridged. I also went to the Tetsuya Kakihara (voice of Natsu from Fairy Tail as well as Simon from Gurren Lagann) Q&A that Anime News Network was hosting. You can read the entire interview on their site here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/convention/2012/otakon/6

All in all I’d love to go back to Otakon in the future, but for now I’d like to explore other conventions around America. The next con I’ll be attending is Daisho Con in the Wisconsin Dells this November.

At the Teahouse booth where they were advertising about their tour happening next year 

Starfighter booth


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