Akemi Homura Figma Review

Just to get this out of the way: I love figma. I’ve only owned a couple of their figures, but in all my experience with them the worst complaint I’ve heard someone make about their figures is that it didn’t come with enough accessories, which in that case was a valid complaint.

Then there are figures like this one, where the accessories are one of it’s greatest strengths.

Figma Homura comes with 5 sets of hands, 3 faces, her glasses, long hair and ponytail hairstyles, a clock/shield arm, a pipe bomb, a pistol, a golf club, and a rocket launcher. Obviously the hands and faces are figma exclusive, and the shield arm/glasses will pretty much only work with this figure, but depending on the scale, pretty much all the other accessories will work with other figures. Not that they have to, though; it’d totally be worth it if they only worked with this figure.

Just look at how awesome she looks.

As you can see, the sculpt and paint are of really good quality. They’ve paid a lot of attention to detail, even adding little soul gems in the backs of her hands.

The only thing this figure is really lacking in is articulation, but it’s not without a decent effort being put in. Legs and arms are decently articulated, but her skirt gets in the way. Additionally, her torso is basically without joints. It kind of looks like they tried to conceal one in her back, but if there is one there it doesn’t move very much. They did articulate her hair, but even with the ends moved back you won’t be able to move her head up much, which is actually kind of disappointing because it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to fix.

On the other hand, she has a pretty wide range of poses available, even with these limitations.

My only other complaint is that switching her arms out is pretty difficult. I’ve tried, but the default one is in there pretty good, and I really don’t want to break it.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Homura, or even just a fan of Madoka in general, I would totally recommend this figure.

On another note, I heard Figma is going to be doing another run of Sayaka and Kyoko figures this October.


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