Kamui Gakupo – Nendoroid Review

I’ve been waiting a while for Gakupo to get his own Nendoroid and when Good Smile company finally had plans to come out with one I preordered him right away. Gakupo comes with a basic Nendoroid stand, three different face plates(a singing expressions, a serious futile lord face, and overly happy face), 3 extra arms, a bent leg, a hand with his fan, his katana ‘Gakutou Mifuri’ that can be displayed sheathed, unsheathed or partly unsheathed, his signature gag item: an eggplant, and legs so he can sit on the eggplant.

Sculpting: Everything from his outfit to his little fan are amazingly detailed and everything looks great. His hair is crafted so it can appear like its flowing in the wind. His eggplant steed props him up perfectly and stands on four little pegs sticking out of its underside. 10/10

Painting: Gakupo’s hair is nicely painted accept for in certain places where the dark purple color fades slightly. His cheeks are rosy and give him a very cute complexion. The painting on his outfit could have used a bit more attention as it seems a bit flat. 9/10

Posing: His pony tail comes detached and can be moved 360 degres. Also, his hair strands on the sides of his head can be removed and can be shifted around so that they aren’t in the way of his arms. Each of his hands can be removed from his detachable arms. Since his head is the heaviest part of his body it can be hard to pose him on his stand so you may have to do some adjustments to his stance so he can accurately stand upright. For the most part the eggplant doesn’t tip over when he his siting on it, but it can tip if his body isn’t properly centered on it. 8/10

Packaging: This Nendoroid comes in a nicely detailed box that is adorned with cheery blossoms and the pattern from the ends of his kimono sleeves. On the back and sides of the box there are pictures of some of the many poses he can take. The fragile parts of this figure are wrapped in plastic to keep them from breaking while shipping. 9/10

Overall this Nendoroid rendition of the Gakupo was well worth the wait and is a great addition to any Vocaloid fan’s figure collection.

Final Score: 9/10


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