Vividred Operation

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Vividred Operation can only be described as a mahou shoujo anime with sentai like action. Not much is known about the story from the first episode, but clearly interesting things are going on in this new anime. Produced by studio A-1 pictures the people that created Strike Witches, Vividred Operation is the story of a girl named Akane lives in future that is powered by something called the Manifestation Engine. Her grandfather Kenjiro Isshiki happens to be the inventor of this generator and clearly her family isn’t basking in the riches and popularity they disserve. That may be because Kenjiro spends all his money on his research and maybe other pleasures as well.  Anyway Akane lives with her grandfather and younger sister Momo who takes cares for the home while their mother is in the hospital.



Now the enemy of the anime begins to invade Japan called the “Alone”, and is seemingly immune to traditional weapons. It just so happens that Grandpa has the answer to this “Alone” problem.

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Here is where things start to get strange. In a freak accident Grandpa Kenjiro’s consciousness is transferred into a ferret plush. This causes the girls to put their Grandpa’s body in the refrigerator. Well they really must have panicked on this one. Ferret Grandpa gives Akane a key that contains the only way to stop the Alone, and then the two head straight into the fray with Akane knowing nothing of how the device works.

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To start off the animation is very colorful and eye catching. It is very reminiscent of the art style used in Strike Witches. Scenery looks quite nice and really pulls you into action. In addition, the transformation sequence that occurs at the end of the episode looks very flashy and different they anything I’ve seen in an anime like this before. You can clearly tell that much effort was put into this aspect of the show. All the characters seem likeable but not much is known about them at this point.


Only time will tell if this will be a surprisingly good magical girl anime that stands out above those we have seen in the past few years. Tentatively Vividred Operations gets a 7.5/10


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