Poyopoyo Complete Season Review 1 & 2

We are now approaching the end of the 2nd season of Poyopoyo, and there is probably a lot more where that’s coming from. Thank goodness too, because this show is a treasure. Truly a light hearted romp through pet ownership, this show gives meaning to the phrase, short and sweet.

At an episode length of about 2 mins per episode, it’s very easy to finish. They are very comedic in nature and don’t necessarily follow plot driven stories (if there is a story at all). Most of the episodes are “slice of life” stories of the owners of different pets and the adorable way pets live. The main character, Poyo, is a perfectly spherical cat who is the coolest cat to ever live. Honestly, as a cat owner myself, I adore this show, just based on the way they make every cat in the show have such fantastic personalities. Even if you are more a dog lover, or a hamster lover, they cater to every animal lovers needs.

The art is simple, and adheres to the traditional chibi 4 koma look. (4 koma is a type of manga, usually gag manga, that has 4 panels per story. Very similar to American Sunday newspaper comics.) The jokes are easy to understand and usually very charming. I enjoy every episode to it’s fullest, and it’s the perfect length to fit into my schedule whenever I need a time killer.

The theme song is super catchy, singing of circles and Poyo. I sometimes catch myself singing it in the shower. This is the type of show all ages can enjoy, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

However, if you are wanting a show filled with substance, action, or a coherent story line, this is not the show for you. All that aside, the existence of Poyopoyo makes me happy and I can’t wait to see more of it! It also has a lot of great examples of seasonal traditions of Japan. It’s very informational.


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