Anime Pantry Podcast Ep. 2- Meet The Anime Pantry Crew!


Episode 2 of the Anime Pantry Podcast is here and this time Melissa(fatalefromage) is joined by Mikayla(cheese) for an introduction episode. They talk about the history of Anime Pantry and the anime they have just finished and are watching from this current season. The two also talk about future plans for the site.

Anime Pantry Podcast Ep.2- Meet The Anime Pantry Crew!

Melissa(fatalefromage)- @fataleflare

Mikayla (Cheese)- @AniFanGurl

Be sure to follow Anime Pantry on Twitter @AnimePantry and on Facebook

Cover Photo

Music Credits:

0:00-1:19- Taku Iwasaki- Bolt (From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012)

45:28-48:47- Remix-NomedBeats- Attack On Titans(Shingeki no Kyojin) Ending Theme Remix


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