Cheesey Beats!: part 1 A Court of Love

Hey all! I wanted to share some really awesome music that’s been rocking my summer. Some are actually good, and some are really cheesy, but all will have you wanting more. musical_cheese

Ft. Postino, Sistar19, IU, and Danzel

First up is Postino’s “I Love It”

This is a really awesome song that is repetitive enough to get caught in your head immediately. If that wasn’t bad enough, check out how cute the girl in this music video is! She is literally rocking out in a deer outfit and she looks bada$$ while doing it, too. Don’t get it wrong though, this isn’t the actual artist. The real artist is a Korean man named Junho Lee based out of London. Either way though, this is an awesome music video.

Next is Sistar19’s Ma Boy

A subgroup of the popular Korean girls band Sistar, Sistar19 consists of the band’s youngest members (both 19) and features there vocal and dancing talents. I particularly like the dance because although it looks simple is actually quite a workout. I have found myself doing it every once and a while, and it’s a lot of effort. I also like the back beat and how cute the girls are in the video. The really make the song catchy and available for all ages… well maybe not so much.

Third is the ever talented IU with her latest hit Marshmallow

Not only is the music video a compilation of IU’s adorable nature, it also features a catchy refrain and a cute marshmallow character. At first I have to admit that I didn’t particularly like this video, but after repeated rewatchings, it has grown on me to the point where I’ve definitely sung it in the shower… *blush*

And finally the winner of the Cheesey music award is the techno song Under Arrest by Danzel

There can be no words to describe how wonderfully cheesy this music is. The lyrics are fantastically bad and Danzel delivers them perfectly. As a techno fan, this music is a wonderful parody of bad techno music videos that I just can’t pass up. It’s not only cheesy, but also good. There’s just no escaping from his court of love!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time on Cheesy Beats!


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