Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been out for quite sometime now. HAVE YOU PAID OFF YOUR HOUSE DEBT YET?

The latest installment of AC:NL brings new features such as Re-Tail, The Roost, and Town tree as well of returning features Town customization and the Wishing Well make their return in the series. This being the first time playing an Animal Crossing, I’m having a great time collecting various bugs, fish, or diving into the great unknown for lost treasures. If your not busy collecting, then most likely your town could use some renovation. Make use of the Town Ordinance to set the town to your liking. Personally, I like the Wealthy town. (More bells in your pocket) or trying to find a place to construct a public works project.Be sure to take advantage of the Street pass function. By utilizing this feature you can tag your friend or a complete stranger visit their house and buy up to five items  (No exclusive Nintendo stuff unfortunately.) You can also if you leave your village gate open you may get a visitor! Likewise, if you connect online check to see  if a friend has there  gate open you can visit there village and tackle a majority of the Island tours together. What ever you maybe doing in AC:NF wither you are solo or with a friend one thing is for certain: time you spend make sure your save . Ohh, Mr. Rossetti I didn’t mean to fall asleep while playing!

Here is a quick reference to unlocking  various features in the game and if you need to make some money or if you are just trying to add to your collecting  by fishing, diving, or bug catching What are your favorite tunes of AC:NF? I would have to say 12 A.M. 2A.M.  and club LOL What are you favorite tunes from AC:NF and what feature do you think is the best in the series?


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