Flowers of Evil Complete Season Review

When I view this show it is almost a painful experience for a number ways.  I must be a sort of masochist because I couldn’t look away and was fairly enraptured the whole time. It was really like watching a train wreck, horrible yet fascinating.

To begin with one of the most controversial parts of the show, the art was perfect for this story. The over simplified, realistic rotoscopeing allowed there to be much more diversity in the character’s expressions and conveyed more of the subtle emotions that the story required to make the viewer as disturbed as possible. In fact everything about this show can only be described as eerie. From the first moment I saw the opening I was deeply mentally terrified. I came into it without reading a synopsis, and had I read one I probably would not have chosen to watch this show…

There were people upset over the lack of moe in the anime…

Kasuga Takao, our main protagonist, loves to read and lives a pretty average life. Unfortunately that is all turned upside down when he steals his classmate’s (and crushes) gym uniform on a whim. Before he can right his wrong, another classmate, Nakamura, confronts him and starts a revolution in Kasuga that he himself is unaware of.

Everything involved with a story like this is to set your nerves on edge. That includes some of the fundamental issues. The largest complaint of most people is the problems of pacing this show has. It’s true that in most episodes only one significant event happens. It doesn’t help that the director in question is overly fond of long drawn out walking scenes. However, I really choose to believe that those pacing issues and elongated shots lead to an atmosphere that is by far the most uncomfortable anime viewing experience I have ever had. And that’s great, because that’s exactly what this show aims to do.

The music (especially the ending) is the perfect fit for such creepiness. I can’t accurately describe how terrifying it was to hear this song the first time, so here it is:

I personally was enraptured with my disgust as I watched Kasuga’s journey from boy to bug, so to speak. It’s really an on-edge gag reflex type of show that you shouldn’t pass up. I don’t think I can properly rate this show, because I find it quite repulsive and yet glorious in that repulsiveness. Suffice it to say I would probably recommend highly, but bring this face with you:


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