Lie to me: Complete series review

Lie to me is a charming drama with a cute (even if unrealistic) premise and had moments of sheer squee inducing hyperventilation. That being said, some of the feelings I got from this show were so sickeningly sweet, I was a little put off from the show somewhere towards the middle. Don’t worry though, as it recaptures the center stage later on. 

Gong Ah Jung, a govenrment worker traps herself in a web of lies to make her look better to her married friend. She mistakenly says she is married to Hyun Ki Joon, a well know wealthy hotel manager from an affluent background. Even though he was not even remotely interested in her, he changes his mind (for really no discernible reason). Of course it wouldn’t be a proper Korean drama without an ex-fiance, a judgmental aunt, a (handsome and charming) younger brother, and pubic interest to destroy the couples chances.

The lead actress some of you may know from the hit Korean drama, Goong (back in the day) Yoon Eun Hye. She has since become an adult and as such is playing a very adult role. I found her performance however, less than stellar and it made it difficult to connect to the character as someone who I find charming enough to fall in love with for no cause other than love. Perhaps through no fault of hers the main character she plays, Gong Ah Jung, is not very well written and has very few actual reasons to do anything. She really got on my nerves more than once and I can’t help but to feel she really wasn’t a character at all, but someone for the watchers to reflect themselves onto throughout the show. She just goes with the flow of the plot most of the time and fails to hold attention or memory.
The other main actor, Kang Ji Hwan, is also fairly old and rightly cast in the working stiff role. However he has a certain childish charm (either inherent or acted) that makes him lovable in a very teddy bear type of way. I’ve not really been exposed to his acting before, so I can’t say for certain if he generally plays these types of roles, but he is well suited for it if he does as adorable job as this. That being said, I also found his motivations questionable as it’s not clear why his character fell in love with Gong Ah Jung. It just sort of happens one episode and we are suppose to just accept it as love taking it’s course. It’s dubious… highly dubious.
Other then the badly written characters, the show suffers from extreme cheesiness and unrealistic romantic expectations, which is not at all uncommon for a Korean drama. However, I would say that even I was a little taken aback at certain parts in the show and had to keep wondering what fan girls were responsible for the script as it tended to meander through romance la-la land. Even so, like the sucker I am, I would sometimes buy into it and need a pillow to hug in my glee at the gooey romance before me.
The music is mostly good, but not very memorable except for the main romance theme “Walking on a cloud” by Cho Kyu Chan.

It’s very sweet and has a wonderful chorus that sounds incredibly Korean drama-y. Not to mention how mellow it is. Most of the C.D is very  mellow in fact, so it is great for playing in the background.

My other favorite song from the CD is sung by the main actress her self:

Overall, though Lie to me had its very romantic moments, I would say that it is far from memorable and won’t put on a re-watch list of any sort. That being said, if you are a Korean Drama buff like myself it’s worth at least a watch through if you are looking for something and you have already watched the classics and notorious dramas. I would especially recommend this show if you’ve seen Full House because I felt this show was trying to pull elements from there (including a love lie contract). But like I said, it doesn’t hold up to the greats.

I would give it an average rating of 6/10, with a hesitant lean towards 5/10 because of the bad writing.



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