Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog & Scissors): Complete Season Review

The show started out surprisingly good, with an interesting premiss and a likeable main character. I thought it might deal with more serious things down the road, like dealing with a death of a loved one, or some such heavier material. I can definitely say that this show stayed as far away from the serious as possible. However, I would never ever presume to call the show funny, despite it’s “comedic” attempts at humor.

The story revolves around an early death of the main character, Kazuhito Hitomi. He dies by defending a girl in a dinner who, (incidentally) happens to be his favorite writer who’s works he lives to read. After his death he comes back as a dog who then gets adopted by that same girl he saved, Kirihime.

This show started promisingly original with the main concept that the main character dies right away. This show had all the possibilities to take it to a really interesting place, including a look into the lose of a love one. In fact, the show sometimes takes a peek behind that curtain, but unfortunately attempts to force a comedy out of the characters that I (despite myself) want to explore deeper issues. Of course I guess with a concept of a reborn dog as a basis, I can’t really act surprised.

In terms of art, it can be described as generic at best, with a moe main character with the classic dark misunderstood long haired beauty, who is tsundere as can be. To be honest I wasn’t impressed with the character designs, but it always surprises me when an anime or manga can somewhat accurately represent an animal, and this show isn’t … horrid… but I wouldn’t consider it atomically accurate to the dogs of this planet either. Either way, the best that can be said of this art was that it didn’t suck per-say.

As for the opening and ending, it was the same as what you would expect of a generic anime. Generic.

The characters were, however, surprisingly likable. With a main character that most bookworms like my self can relate too, it was hard not to feel some sort of vested interest in the desires of the main character. I really feel that the characters were mostly strong on their own, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to escape the premise of the horrible plot and serious comedy flaws.

Overall, the show had potential to be unique, but unfortunately in will forever be remembered as mediocre and disappointing.

I’d give it a 5/10


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