Silver Spoon: complete season review

Surprisingly, this series, isn’t as horrible as the premise would otherwise make it. This story revolves around Yugo Hachiken, a city boy who finds himself in an agricultural vocational high school and slightly out of his depth. Used to being the top of his class, he discovers that though he excels in math, and language, how will he ever catch up with his farming classmates in their knowledge of how a farm works. This was the first time I had considered Japanese agriculture, and as such I think I was pleasantly surprised. 

For starters, the characters are all very likable, if a bit one-sided. This is based of a comedy slice of life manga, so I’m really not complaining. I really think that the main character Yugo Hachiken is really what brings this whole show together. Although there is also some very poignant points made towards both the hardships of agricultural living, as well as issues of right and wrong, overall the experience of the main character is the experiences any person with no knowledge of how a farm works would have.

I feel that the main success of this anime is making people aware of where their food comes from, as well as how it’s made and really gets down to the morals of killing animals for food. It’s actually surprisingly deep for the slice of life it’s portrayed as. In essence, it has a lot of darker undertones that are balanced out by the likable hardworking characters and the softer art. I especially like the animal designs because most of them are DARN CUTE~

The music for the show is fairly unmemorable with a decent opening that definitely has the “Anime Opening” feel to it… you know what I mean:

I do like how upbeat it is though, so I just take it as is.

Overall, this show is surprisingly good for what you’d expect. I would even venture to say that it would exceed any expectations you might have regarding a show about farming. I would give it an 8/10. I really would recommend it for people who live in the city especially because it’s a cute way to learn little about farm life.

Give it a try!


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