Akemi Homura Figma Review

Just to get this out of the way: I love figma. I’ve only owned a couple of their figures, but in all my experience with them the worst complaint I’ve heard someone make about their figures is that it didn’t come with enough accessories, which in that case was a valid complaint.

Then there are figures like this one, where the accessories are one of it’s greatest strengths.
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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya review

I’ll have something new to write about next time, I promise. However, I finally got the chance to see this when I went to ACEN, and thought it was really interesting. Not to mention that around the time I heard Badlands Rumble was coming out, I heard about this, so it’s kind of fitting that it’s my next review.

The Haruhi series as a whole is really interesting. Not only is it an interesting concept, but it’s got interesting themes running through it. What I think really makes The Disappearance good is the way it expands on these themes. Continue reading

Black Rock Shooter TV anime review

Black Rock Shooter is a disappointing franchise. It’s always had great potential, and considering the rather liberal approach they seem to have taken with the title, maybe there’s still hope for something good in the future. Unfortunately, this show wasn’t it.

Then again, a lot of my issues with the TV anime also apply to some degree to the OVA, so maybe not. Continue reading