Anime Pantry Podcast Ep. 3- Summer 2014 Preview

Free-Season-2-Titled-Free-Eternal-Summer-KEy-Visual The Anime Pantry Podcast returns with a look at the new season of anime. Cheese is joined by FataleFromage, and Hieronymus Bosch as they give their first impressions on the confirmed list of anime for Summer 2014. Follow along at Continue reading


Silver Spoon: complete season review

Surprisingly, this series, isn’t as horrible as the premise would otherwise make it. This story revolves around Yugo Hachiken, a city boy who finds himself in an agricultural vocational high school and slightly out of his depth. Used to being the top of his class, he discovers that though he excels in math, and language, how will he ever catch up with his farming classmates in their knowledge of how a farm works. This was the first time I had considered Japanese agriculture, and as such I think I was pleasantly surprised.  Continue reading

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog & Scissors): Complete Season Review

The show started out surprisingly good, with an interesting premiss and a likeable main character. I thought it might deal with more serious things down the road, like dealing with a death of a loved one, or some such heavier material. I can definitely say that this show stayed as far away from the serious as possible. However, I would never ever presume to call the show funny, despite it’s “comedic” attempts at humor.

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